Today I will show you how I like to block my knitwear

Hello there… How’s your knitting going? And you? 🙂 Everything here is good, I’m really looking forward to making nice things for you. In today’s post I want to show you a video about how I usually block my knitwear, in particular with a cardigan. Here, I will also put the instructions that I usually […]

How to pick up the double stitch of the German short rows when it becomes loose

Hello there… How’s your knitting going? And you? 🙂 So far so good, let me tell you the anecdote of the week, in the Continuous Online Stitching Classes. One of my dear students, while knitting the back neckline of a sweater with German short rows, missed the double crochet. imagine, the poor thing wrote to […]


In 2014 I made my first pattern and in 2016 began to publish them. At first I put the abbreviations in English because I could not find a glossary of abbreviations in Spanish that I liked. In English, they were indeed well-defined and structured. Later I thought that this was not coherent, if the pattern […]

My personal trick to knit A PERFECT SLEEVE

Hello, how are you? Everything is great here, I’m really looking forward to making some little things that you like. Today I would like to talk to you about a topic that we cover a lot in the Continuous Stitching Classes, which is about how to make SLEEVE DECREASES when knitting with two needles. Although […]

How to weave the ends into the fabric

If you are one of those who dread the moment of finishing a garment, you will find the video I’m sharing with you today very useful. This is one of the forms (there are many) that I use the most when Weaving the Ends. What I do, as the name suggests, is to weave the […]

#8demarzoandoliando 2021

This is the name of an unplanned initiative that arose completely by accident. You already know that I am a real fan of all Lang Yarns mohair, well, one of the particularities of this fiber is its light nature and weight. Just like in the orders we do not use units of balls, but of […]

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