Juana Román. Andoliando


Juana Román

The love for knitting, crochet, sewing and everything that has to do with needle and thread, moves my world.

From my earliest childhood, my favorite game was to make clothes for my dolls. I still keep close to my heart my pattern notebook that I used to draw in as a child with all the detailed explanations. The leap from doll dresses to making my own clothes was a natural step. As well as recycling, before this concept was as “cool” as it is today, it was a matter of economy.

From then on, my university studies in statistics seemed to lead me in a different direction. I moved to London to learn English and immerse myself in another culture. And upon my return, I move closer once again to the world of design. Only this time it was in the field of jewelry where I became specialized and worked for several years carving jewelry by hand with a burin. I think this came to me from those childhood days when I would get lost in my father’s carpentry shop watching him carve and turn wood.

After a break from professional life following the birth of my two daughters, I reached general rethinking phase of my career. At the age of forty-one, I decided that there had to be a balance between my family, my qualifications, my skills and what I am really passionate about: this is how the idea of a return to my roots came about, but, at the same time, bringing everything I had experienced together. Thus, the passion for clothing design and knitting took flight once again.


My current feeling is that for the first time, on a professional level, everything is falling into place. It seems that everything I have done so far was leading up to the basis for ANDOLIANDO.

I feel that this is my opportunity to find happiness through expressing myself with my designs and I trust that this joy can be reflected in each garment and be able to share it with everyone who wants to let themselves get “caught up” in my suggestions. In addition of course to my beloved workshops and knitting classes, where I have the pleasure of teaching and learning from wonderful people.

My husband has been involved with the project from the beginning and supports me in tasks such as legal, tax and accounting advice; as a photographer or cameraman from time to time, and so on… As for my two little rays of sunshine, my daughters, they are my inspiration, and above all my great daily motivation.

Having made the effort to talk so much about myself, I hope that from now on you will join us on this new path and I invite you to get to know me through what I am really passionate about: my handmade and lovingly knitted creations.

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