Continuous online KNITTING classes Andoliando

Do you have a load of doubts appear when you begin knitting a new project?

– What size should I choose?
– How do I take the measurements?
– Which technique and materials are the most suitable for my project?
– Where do I find tutorials that will help me and not make me spend a lot of time surfing YouTube?
– I can’t find the specific video I need on YouTube, what now?
– If I choose a pattern in English and I am not a proficient speaker, where can I find help?
– I love the pattern I have chosen but I want to make it with a different yarn, modify some details, etc… what should I do?
– I also want to change the silhouette, I like the pattern, but the silhouette doesn’t suit me. Let us change that for you now!

– I have everything ready, now how do I complete the project I have in mind?

Yes, well, I have the solution for you – CONTINUOUS AND CUSTOMIZED STITCHING CLASSES!

And of course, I want to have a GOOD TIME knitting with my FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD🙂

Continuous Online
Knitting Classes

100 Monthly
  • Classes of 2 hours per week
Our Continuous Knitting Classes take place done online via video link through Zoom.
In them, you will learn to knit in a totally personalized way in a small group.

You choose the project you like the most, and I will teach you:

  • The most appropriate and comfortable techniques for you to achieve your objective.
  • I will help you choose the best fiber for your project.
  • I will advise you with the color or color combinations.
  • Taking measurements.
  • The choice or modification of silhouettes.
  • To follow patterns in English.
  • Etc…

And all this accompanied by a wide variety of video tutorials, some even specific to you, and which are so clear that you can archive them and keep them forever.

In the workshop we have the yarns and accessories that we like the most for sale, we love to be up to date and try all kinds of fibers, but you can buy them wherever you want.



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