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How to pick up the double stitch of the German short rows when it becomes loose

Hello there…

How’s your knitting going? And you? 🙂

So far so good, let me tell you the anecdote of the week, in the Continuous Online Stitching Classes. One of my dear students, while knitting the back neckline of a sweater with German short rows, missed the double crochet. imagine, the poor thing wrote to me in a panic with the drama.

I told her to leave it be for the time being, and that I would make her a video to help her figure it out. So, now you will know it for the classes and I also wanted to show it to you in case it helps you at some point. I hope you like it and I would be very eager to read your comments and if you know any other interesting methods you could show me 😉

A big hug and have a great weekend!

Juana 🙂

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