Do you have a load of doubts appear when you begin knitting a new project?

– What size should I choose?
– How do I take the measurements?
– Which technique and materials are the most suitable for my project?
– Where do I find tutorials that will help me and not make me spend a lot of time surfing YouTube?
– I can’t find the specific video I need on YouTube, what now?
– If I choose a pattern in English and I am not a proficient speaker, where can I find help?
– I love the pattern I have chosen but I want to make it with a different yarn, modify some details, etc… what should I do?
– I also want to change the silhouette, I like the pattern, but the silhouette doesn’t suit me. Let us change that for you now!
– I have an idea in my head or a friend has shown me a cute sweater and I want to knit one just like it, where do I start?


The weekend workshops, as their name suggests, are workshops that are held on weekends and are intended for people who want, in addition to having a good time, specific training on a particular project or technique.

They can be by video stream, in our Andoliando spaces or in external spaces and either we give them ourselves, or people from outside can come and we love to meet them.

If you are passionate about knitting or crochet and you want to learn all its secrets, we invite you to participate in one of the workshops we teach in Seville.


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